hi, we're co-nex business

"Business can be hard, we want to help you make it a breeze."


   co-nex business is a full suite of services and products made to help people start, grow, or maintain their business, all at a value-based price. ​Our core services help business owners no matter where they are in their entrepreneurial journey. Long gone are the days of spending thousands on basic services for your business. We are here to help you grow, and learn, not cause you to go bankrupt. 

Our basic core services are as followed. 

  1. ignite:  Virtual office & fundamentals subscription. 

  2. Go-Biz! Full service consulting & business discount subscription

  3. co-nex real estate solutions: Smart office and retail solutions for businesses. 

  4. apex: Full-service Marketing, Advertising, Sales, and Strategy Subscription. 

what they're saying

"Wonderful they have really changed my business"

"Super accommodating, & flexible. "

"Nothing comes close to co-nex"