the co-nex agency

An agency made fair.


doing things fair. 

   Let's face it, some marketing agencies are just trash. They over promise and under deliver time after time. We built the co-nex agency for the customer from the ground up. 

How are we different? 

Yea, yea everybody is different, but really we are different. We guarantee our service, yep that's right. We have a service guarantee. We always meet our deadlines and provide timely and considerate communication. We update you on your campaign as it's happening. Gone are the days of shelving over thousands, and not getting a second of time from your agency.  

Transparency agencies are pretty famous for being shady. Marketing should not be shady. When you hire us we report true hours. Our service guarantees further incentives %100 accountability on our end as well. 

Our clients are charged a fair market rate that is backed by data, you aren't going to pay us $15,000 a month to do simple social media assistance (unless you are a fortune 500 company), which is ridiculous for most businesses. We use various data to determine a fair market rate for our services.

All in all, we are leveling the playing field, yes we can come up with amazing creative campaigns, yes we are confident we can get people to notice you, but that isn't all. We want to make sure we have the best customer experience in the industry as well. 


Cutting edge, dedicated, services that get our clients results time after time. 

IT Consulting

consulting & strategy 

Working one-on-one with clients, we help with strategic planning, general business mentoring & more. Our top services are listed below:

  • Increase profit margins

  • Increase marketing & sales

  • Maximize productivity

  • Renegotiate debt with creditors

  • Reposition company in the industry

  • Stabilize cash flow

  • Overcome roadblocks that are holding you back

  • Learn new strategies to achieve your goals

digital marketing

Everybody is online, you should do it right. We create and manage digital campaigns for many diverse industries. We use cutting edge software to manage the effectiveness of each campaign. Using the best techniques in PPC, SEO, Adwords, Facebook Ads, Linkedin, and Email Campaigns.

Marketing Company


A good cohesive design is the baseline for any successful company. After all, if your design is off no one will take your business seriously. We offer Ad design for the following 

  • Postcards 

  • Flyers 

  • Magazine Spreads

  • Digital Ads

  • and more...


Although we live in a digital have it now age, strategic build board campaigns and print media can still bring in big profits for companies. We focus on prime magazines, direct mail build boards and We take a deep look at your brand and devise a strategy that will be impactful to the motorist as well as readers.  

Lets get to work! 

fair honest quotes, no snake oil pitch b.s 

We got your message we will be in touch in under 24 hours!