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small business retail, office, art food, and events 

Retail Suites

Set up shop with us. Our small private suites provide the perfect environment for you to sell and store your merch. All bills paid + free wifi. Starting at $450-$800


You get so much more for your membership fee. We take zero dollars in commission. You have access to meeting rooms, free coffee snacks, monthly events, networking and so much more.   

Dealer Desk 

Our most affordable option allows you to set up at one of our desks to meet your customers directly, and run your business. Desks are only $200 a month.  

Local Art

We support small businesses of all types. Our Art gallery pass allows local artist to put their work up in our halls. Play their music on our speakers. Art Pass only  $20 a month.

Way more than just shops. We are creating an environment where small businesses of all types thrive. 

here's how

Free is standard 

We give you more for less. Free consulting session, free ad design, free ad design, free coffee and snacks, free dealers lounges and conference room, all bills paid, and free wifi. No one comes close.

Meeting Space 

Need to have a meeting? Our conference room is perfect for your sales presentations whether your customer is right next to you or in japan. Our video conferencing makes it easy for you to feel close. 

Cost Options & Flexibilty 

With memberships starting at $200 a month it's never been easier and more cost-effective to get your products in front of eager buyers.

Unparalleled Convenience 

We make it easy to be successful, our in-house customer experience associate will help navigate the stresses of business. We also offer same-day delivery service directly to your customers via our in-house delivery service. Only $75 a month for up to 150 miles of delivery.

Networking & Monthly Events

Our monthly mixers are sure to excite and inspire. With unique concepts like talking with tacos, drive-through mixers, parking lot swamp meets on our acre long lot, and so much more. It's the perfect place to meet someone who could change your business and your life.

No Commissions... at all really. 

We want your business to thrive. As long as you man your booth we take zero commissions. If you have another obligation, if your inventory is tagged we can check out your items at our cashier's booth for a small fee of $20 to cover our labor expenses.  

Artist Count Too

We host art crawls, and open mic nights for our art pass holders. Giving you the platform the grow your business no matter what you make.

Ready to sell like hell?