a team for the price of one person.

Marketing, Advertising, Sales Strategy, and Lead Generation. Simplified

apex is a new way to run your marketing, advertising, and sales. We provide you a team you only pay the salary of one professional. Really it's that easy. 

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   There are a lot of reasons to get an apex business membership. To make this simple we will list them in a graphic. 

   The cost savings are truly unparalleled, don't exhaust resources paying for things you do not need. apex keeps you on top of the game. 


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We will do the heavy lifting for you, and help make you the apex in your industry. 


what you get. 

With an apex subscription, you get the following services. 

   A full marketing campaign, advertising management, business consulting, ad production (video, photo, voice-over & graphic design), Sales emails, social media analysis. 

   Your company will have the support of a team of up to ten people! Helping your company with marketing, sales, strategy, and more. Helping drive your companies mission and reach your goals. 

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how much?

   Apex is designed to cost the salary of a modern business professional. We calculated that to be $57,000.


   This can be paid in a lump sum of only $4,750 a month.  Yep, that's it, we can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars, and provide you pinpoint precise strategy, effective marketing, and advertising campaigns. 

get in touch

   We would love to learn more about your business. Got to our contact page fill out an inquiry form and we will get in touch with you in under 24 hours.