comprehensive consulting, simple price. 

IT Consulting

   Let's face it consulting kind of sucks. You pay someone $60 per hour, they talk to you, they bill and the cycle continues every month. This results in you spending thousands upon thousands of dollars. Not any more! 

  We have identified the top services needed by businesses and created a monthly subscription that is only $150. Not only does this provide expert level consulting, but it also provides up to %50 discounts on our services including marketing, design, web development, and more. This service is available nationwide at the same price. This is too good to be true, how does this work? Hang on we will break this down for you. 

Go-biz! explained 

At the beginning of your membership, you will have a meeting with one of our consultants. They will break down your business and ask you questions. This will help diagnose any issues you maybe having. This will also aide in the creation of your custom action plan. This action plan will be your roadmap to success over the term of your membership. Each member receives two dedicated meetings with their business consultant a month one in the beginning and one at the end of the month. These sessions typically last an hour or two. You will always have access to your consultant via email, online chat to assist with any issues you come into day by day. These meetings are designed as checkpoints to ensure progress is happening at a steady rate. Your consultant is dedicated to your business no matter what. They work on competitive analysis, social media analysis, business structure daily. You can rest easy knowing someone has your back even if you arent talking to them.